Tuesday, 8 June 2010

2012: Why humanity could be at the threshold of a quantum leap into a new era

Germany’s biggest newspaper, BILD, reported, Sunday, about the preparations NASA is making to monitor the higher levels of solar activity expected in the next few years, predicted to reach a maximum in 2012.


The subject of the sun, its increased activity and its possible impact on us is finally entering the mainstream media also in Europe.

BILD emphasises the potential disruption that a gigantic solar storm could cause.

It describes a “horror scenario” of “silence, darkness, chaos” as electricity grids, mobile phones, GPS navigation systems, TV and radio cease to function.

But there is scientific evidence that the increase in the solar activity could give a significant boost to human consciousness and to spiritual evolution.

It could open the door to a new era, argue some scientists.

This is because we, human beings, constantly generate electromagnetic fields around us depending on the thoughts and feelings we have. And these fields in turn, are constantly interacting with many other electric and magnetic fields on the planet earth, in the solar system and in universe.

In as far as solar activity impacts on electric and magnetic fields that affect us every day, the sun interacts directly with our DNA and stimulates changes in biosynthesis in cells.

Dr Dieter Broers in his book "(r)evolution 2012" gives an example of just how powerful an impact eletrostatic fields can have.

He writes that Ciba Geigy applied for a patent that “used the short-term application of electrostatic fields to get useful and desirable qualities of fish.”

Fish that were put in these electrostatic fields bred at 100% to 300% higher rate than the control fish, the scientists found.

Also, fish put in electrostatic fields showed more vitality and grew up more quickly. They also had a much higher survival rate.

Broer argues that the human beings could experience the same push when we are exposed to a gigantic increase in the electrostatic field around us due to the upcoming solar storms, reaching their maximum in 2012.

Studies have shown a connection between specific electrostatic fields and increases in genetic changes in human beings.

Electromagnetic fields accelerate the transcription rate in biological material and so promote mutations.

The increased solar activity could activate our DNA, help us develop a 12 strand DNA, and so turn us into a kind of “super human beings“, argues Broer.

Also, Professor Herbert L König, H. Fröhlich and Alexander Pressman among others have presented evidence that electromagnetic fields -- which regulate and steer many processes necessary for living beings -- have played a decisive role in evolution.

Studies have also linked human behaviour, wars, revolutions, riots to years of increased solar activity.

But high levels of sun activity have also been linked to great civilisations such as the Maya civilisation.

The Maya calendar like the Egyptian and ancient Indian recognised that cosmic energies influence consciousness. It ends on December 21st, 2012 when the December solstice sun will be aligned with the Galactic equator and a time point when we, humans, can expect a huge burst of energy. This has sparked speculation that human consciousness might end.

However, Broer argues, human consciousness will undergo a fundamental change as we reach a pinnacle in a process of development that has been taking many thousands of years.

A significant amount of cosmic energy could break through in 2012, and reconfigure our DNA, our consciousness and our perception of time to shift us into a new era of superconsciousness.

Broer says that humans could experience a collective awakening promoted by the sun's activity and the increasing intensity of the electrostatic fields we move in.

In Christianity, there are parallels to the Maya's idea in the discussion of the „End Days“ and the „Second Coming of Christ“ or of the Christ energy.

There are many parables in the Gospels which compare the the development of human consciousness to the natural process of growth of plants: it requires a certain amount of time for plants and human consciousness to develop fully before they are ripe for the "harvest".

Perhaps Zbigniew Brzezinski is indirectly testifying to this growth in consciousness when he recently talked at a CFR meeting in Canada about the mass awakening occurring around the globe today. Of course, for Brzezinski as a Bilderberg and New World Order Globalist, this awakening is a frightening prospect.

The growth in consciousness is resulting in the hidden shadow government structures coming into the light.

Spanish mainstream media as well as Germany's BILD, Spiegel and the UK Times, Guardian and Independent have reported for the first time ever on the Bilderberg conference in Spain this year.

Millions more people will now hear about this secretive group - and they will start doing the research.

For the first time in recent history, large numbers of people will be able to understand how this black network operates to create financial crises, false pandemics and wars for their power and profit.

Because these people are seeking to cling to their power and to find ways to continue to enslave humanity, a period of conflict and upheaval is inevitable.

It may seem difficult today to image that the powerful structures of the financial oligarchyy, oil companies and EU, UN, IMF could be swept away suddenly and with the help of a wave of new consciousness buoyed by background energy which is controlled by the sun – or the universal creative intelligence behind the sun.

But apparently invincible empires such as the Roman Empire crumbled quickly.

The fear-based, low frequency energies of the Bilderberg/New World Order are simply not compatible with the higher energies that the earth is increasingly vibrating too, and at some point, they will buckle under the pressures of their new environment.

The collapse of th New World Order political and economic structures might create upheaval and disorientation, not least, because so many people’s jobs and lives and worldviews are embedded in these structures.

But the instability could also prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to break free from these dark and deadening structures that have caused so much suffering.

Whatever happens in the next months, we should try to move to be in a place of hope.

Our DNA transmits frequencies and receives frequencies.

In a state of high energy and hope, we are attuned with, and vibrate in harmony with, the core energies of the universe – we are one with the „Christ energy“ to put it another way.

At death, our energy fields just separate as modern scientists put it.

The collapse of the One World Government or New World Order is inevitable, and could come much sooner than we think – and the time may have come to prepare for the much bigger challenge of adapting to a new era.

Instead of fearing this tumultuous transition, we can see it as a unique opportunity for us to fulfil our potential and our life purpose in a relatively short time.

The spiritual battle against the New World Order is of scale that allows us to play great roles, and so increase our own positive energy exponentially – and perhaps just on time to make it accross the energy threshold which may determine which systems will survive and which will go under in 2012.

This blog aims to explore developments in science related to 2012, to focus on the bigger picture -- far beyond pandemics, financial crashes, wars and the New World Order – and to uncover the paths in spirituality that might help us move forward rapidly in our consciousness in an adventure of unparalled excitement and opportunity.


  1. Relative to all this is the Native American Hopi prophecy which tells of "signs" that the end of the 4th world is coming. They are anticipating a shift to what they call the 5th world. The 7th Sign paraphrased: "The sea will turn black and many of her creatures will die."

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  8. This is good news and gives hope in the face of all the bad news. Hope you are right!
    from 'Whats Going On' blog

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  10. Thank you very much, your blog, I'm from Perú

  11. Thank you so much Mrs Burgermeister.

    Yes, we must have hope because it is man's only engine of surviving in difficult times.
    I really pray you find all the strength you need to face the harsh reality thrown over you by evil people right now.

    You are spot on in highlightening the necessity of a global awakening because the current darkness in which humanity evolves in originates less in the handful of awful leaders oppression than in the multitude of citizens that behave like sheep.

    This is why your fight against a global tricked vaccination program is so critical because if we succumb to such a nightmare scenario, even good energy might not save us.

    Please receive my very best thinkings...
    and an elephant's cheer:

    Avi G.

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